Tire Repair near Me

Add “seeking tire repair near me” to your to-do list when you think that your tires may be wearing out. You manage the roads surrounding Saline, Ypsilanti, and Ann Arbor, Michigan, daily without even considering what your tires endure. So, give them a pick-me-up by getting your tires inspected and replaced at LaFontaine Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram of Saline.

If you’re looking for the right place to take your tires for a checkup, click on one of the links on this page. They’ll offer the guidance you need when you’re sure your tires need some TLC.

Tire Repair near Ann Arbor MI

When Should I Replace My Tires?

Your driving style dictates how fast your tires may wear out. If you’re riding on rough, rural roads, they might take a beating. For drivers who usually travel on well-paved streets, you may accrue less weathering. Another factor that contributes to their wearing down can be how well you stick to a maintenance schedule. Do you get your tires rotated every six months or so?

Check on when you bought your tires and when they were installed. If you’ve passed the five-year mark, bring your car in for our service techs to examine them. They’ll look for signs of wear and see if they may need to be replaced. They’ll measure the tire inflation to see that they have enough air and do not host any leaks.

Signs That You Need New Tires

A handful of signs indicate that you need new tires. Some may appear to the naked eye while others may fly under the radar. Uneven wear can cause tires to feel wobbly and may adversely impact their performance. How often do you inflate your tires? If the tire pressure light beams on too often, it could mean that you have a leak that must be patched.

While you and a service tech can examine the tires for cracks, measuring the tread depth counts as a surefire way to see how your tires may be faring. Take a penny from your pocket and slip it between the treads. If Abe shows his mug, your treads are deep enough to tackle the road. If you see him disappear, visit us to talk about new tires.

Get Your Tires Repaired Here

At our service center, we take care of your every tire need. Whether you need them rotated or want to upgrade to a new set, we can help out. With our Tire Price Assurance program, you’ll get the right price because we match with other retailers. Our service techs can install them quickly, so you can try them out.

Schedule a Tire Repair near Me

Cross “tire repair near me” off your to-do list once you make an appointment with LaFontaine CDJR of Saline. We’re here to provide you with major brands at affordable prices and can advise you about when it’s time to get new ones. Drivers in Saline, Ypsilanti, and Ann Arbor, MI, can contact us today!

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